The 7 Best Insoles for Golf Shoes



The best insoles for golf shoes should not only provide comfort but also help prevent injury or pain from standing for hours. The Superfeet Green Performance and Powerstep Pinnacle MAX insoles both have solid reputations for these benefits, but there are better alternatives, depending on your feet’s condition and budget.


Insoles for golf are rapidly becoming a popular topic on many golf forums. Golfers would say their feet get super sore after walking a round that lasts over four hours in tournament mode. If you’re in a similar situation, you’ve made a wise decision by looking into getting better insoles for your golf shoes.


The right insoles give you support and cushioning that can reduce the risk of injury while improving comfort on the course. However, not all are as good as advertised.


The first rule to buying the best golf insoles is to ignore gel because they are heavy and break down quickly. Brands such as Power Step, Super Feet, Spenco, Implus, and Vionic are among the key players in the market with some of the best golf insoles right now. In this article, I’ve tested seven options and reviewed them to help you in your purchase decision.

Overview of the Best Insoles for Golf Shoes

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s an overview of the insoles I tested and reviewed in this guide and why I’m placing them as the best so far.


If you continue reading, you will find more information about these options that will further help you make the best purchases for your condition:


The Best Golf Insoles Why do I recommend Price (per count)
Powerstep Original Orthotic Best overall; features antimicrobial fabric that reduces friction; maintains the coolness of your feet during the warmest of weather. $42
Superfeet Green Premium Insoles The stabilizer cap provides wearers with better foot control and flexibility than most others on the market. $54
Dr. Scholl’s Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles Trim-to-fit; flexible side-to-side support so you can move more in any direction; Affordable $15
Powerstep Pinnacle MAX Best for golfers with plantar fasciitis or high arches $46
CURREX GOLFPRO Deep heel cups and forefoot cushioning offer ultimate comfort; Dynamic Arch Technology distributes pressure under the sole of your foot. $60
Tread Labs Ramble Insoles For golfers who are who are already suffering from foot pain, replaceable top covers $60
SALTED Smart Insole, Golf (Series 1-XS) Innovative technology is integrated into it; it has a magnetic closure to keep it securely in place; and it is waterproof and washable for easy care. $230


Let’s now look at these insole options in great detail:


1. Powerstep Original Orthotic


Key features


  • Full-length insole with arch support
  • Dual-Layer Cushioning
  • Original orthotic arch-supporting insoles


I absolutely love the PowerStep Original Insoles! The top fabric with odor control will not only keep your feet feeling fresh but also minimize heat, friction, and sweat. What sets these apart for me is the fantastic, firm arch support, surpassing Superfeet and the more affordable Walk Hero brand on Amazon.


While both PowerStep Original and Pinnacle offer the same support (as you will see later in this article), the Pinnacle has an extra layer of cushioning, a feature I appreciate for roomier shoes. However, when it comes to snug fits, the Original is my go-to; its thin design doesn’t compromise support and takes up less space in my shoes.

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This is quite expensive. For budget options, models like the Walk Hero work, but keep in mind they’re slightly lower in quality. Overall, PowerStep Originals is a Yes-Yes reliable comfort and support.


What I like about this insole


  • Good high-arch support
  • Fit as expected


What I don’t like about this insole


  • There could be too much arch support, depending on your feet.
  • Fit slightly high in some golfer’s shoes


2. Superfeet Green Premium Insoles


Key features


  • Unique stabilizer cap manufactured from recyclable polypropylene.
  • Last, a distance of over 500 miles of use
  • Closed-cell high-density foam support for maximum comfort.


The deep heel cup seamlessly aligns with the body’s natural cushioning, providing unparalleled support. The Superfeet Copper and Black DMP have both low arch support (the blue has mid arch support), and the green, which is this one, has higher arch support.


These premium arch support insoles feature a sculpted heel cup that cradles the heel, maximizing natural shock absorption and making them perfect for roomy footwear.


Unlike your typical cushiony golf shoe insoles, these are solid, and the foam is impressively dense and firm.


I admit they felt uncomfortable initially, and I questioned if they were the right choice. The truth is that the initial discomfort is normal for first-time users.


They can quickly become your go-to insoles, especially if you need insoles for both golf shoes and everyday shoes, running, or hitting the trails.


What I like about this insole


  • Very well constructed (would easily last 20+ years of constant use). Heavy-duty base with cushion and foot control.
  • The green (higher arch support) seems to fit best for players whose PF is healing.


What I don’t like about this insole


  • Arch support is a little further back on the arch than the Orthaheels.
  • Superchips have little cushion on the heel or arch for PF.
  • They’re fantastic insoles made for excellent foot support after treating PF.


3. Dr. Scholl’s Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles


Key features


  • Available in several sizes
  • Fairly priced
  • Has shock absorption technology


I decided to test Dr. Scholl’s Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles for a week-long golf tournament I attended as a spectator. On average, I cover 8 to 10 miles daily, and by Sunday afternoon, my feet and legs usually ache to the point where walking becomes a challenge.


However, since the tournament ended, my feet and legs have felt remarkably rejuvenated!


These insoles didn’t do anything grand (maybe because I’ve tested so many so far), but I highly recommend trying them, especially for excellent comfort and support. For the price, it’s a fantastic investment.


If you own a pair of, say, FJ golf shoes, these insoles will make them feel like new, saving you from investing in new shoes.


What I like about this insole


  • Guaranteed to reduce foot fatigue
  • Affordable for the value


What I don’t like about this insole


Size ranges are broad and may not be a perfect fit inside your shoe.

Some golfers say they struggled with cutting the padding to the size of their shoe.

4. Powerstep Pinnacle MAX


Key features

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  • A supportive arch that helps to correct overpronation
  • 2° heel post for more significant support
  • the thickest of our Pinnacle insoles


The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Insoles have fantastic arch support, providing relief in the everyday Brooks tennis shoes when I tested them. However, I experienced minimal relief in my FJ golf shoes during the first round.


If you’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis and undergone surgery, chances are you’ve worn custom orthotics for a long time. The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx stands out in such a situation.


While they’re not suitable for slip-on dress shoes, these orthotics have been a go-to recommendation among many golfers in recent months.


What I like about this insole


  • Great arch support
  • Deep-heeled cup
  • Good value for the money
  • It lasts just as long as other brands, if not longer.


What I don’t like about this insole


  • It is not as durable as the Green Premium version and other options above.



Key features


  • Available in different shapes, arch heights, and flex, allowing for a perfect, customized fit.
  • deep heel cup and forefoot cushioning that offer ultimate comfort,
  • Distributes pressure evenly.


If you battle with metatarsal pain and have tried numerous recommended insoles, you will find answers to your prayers in these. With this Currex Golfpro made explicitly with golfers in mind, you can say goodbye to foot pain and hello to enhanced stability.


Initially, during testing, the forefoot felt a bit rigid, but after just two uses, the insole adapted perfectly.


The raised metatarsal pad provided impeccable arch support, catering precisely to our needs. I highly recommend this one for every golfer seeking the perfect blend of comfort and performance.


What I like about this insole


  • Very highly rated insole
  • Versatile for many other shoe types, outside golf shoes.


What I don’t like about this insole


  • Most users realize that it requires a half size up on the shoe because of the extra thickness.


6. Tread Labs Ramble Insoles


Key features


  • Available for men and women in 4 arch heights: low for flat feet (fallen arches) to extra high, and everything in between.
  • top covers are replaceable.
  • The 2-part insole system is designed for the long haul.
  • Anti-odor treatment to keep feet feeling fresh all day.


The love of golf involves a lot of walking, but as you age, your high arches can cause persistent heel pain. The Tread Labs and their personalized approach to arch support will amaze you.


I recommend you opt for the high arch option, even though many of the recommendations are for medium.


During testing, after 36 holes on foot and an additional 18 in a cart, the difference was remarkable—there was no heel pain.


These insoles are tailored to your unique arch height, ensuring optimal comfort and support.


What I like about this insole


  • No more feet hurt.
  • Great support.
  • You can swap the padding when it wears. This will save you some money.
  • Easy install.


What I don’t like about this insole


  • They squeak, so don’t expect to be able to sneak up on anyone while on them.

7. SALTED Smart Insole, Golf (Series 1–XS)


Key features


  • Analyzes the weight shift during a swing and explains the optimal personal swing balance.
  • Your foot pressure, gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movement can be accurately measured.
  • Offers information on your swing and patterns of weight shift.
  • Up to 72 hours of use on a fully charged insole.
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The Salted Smart Insoles are the ones you should go for to step up my insole game, and they really pack a technological punch.


Not only are they super comfy for golfing, but they also measure and report your golf posture and position. It’s like having a high-tech golf coach for your feet!


The insoles are pricey, but they’re waterproof, sweatproof, and washable, promising durability.


However, figuring out the app was a bit tricky without explicit instructions.


My main goal was to improve my golf swing, but over the course of three days, I faced connectivity issues, making about half of my swings go unrecorded.


The $60 price jump and the lack of sound recording on ball impact are drawbacks. I’m hoping for improvements, but I’m not overly optimistic about this one, especially if you’re a traditional kind of golfer.


What I like about this insole


  • It doubles as a swing training device.
  • Lightweight
  • Premium looking
  • Accuracy of the foot pressure report


What I don’t like about this insole

  • An expensive piece of golf tech
  • Not easy to use for first-timers


Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Insole for Your Golf Shoe


If you take a closer look at some of the top products for golf insoles, you will realize that they are all also suitable for other sports.


When picking a choice, you have to first consider the condition of your feet, how often you play, and, of course, the price.


Overall, no matter what level of player you are, you want something that can help you enhance your performance, increase comfort, and avoid injury. They include:


Go for ones with an advanced slimline design, firm outer shell support, cushioning polymer mid-layer, shock-absorbing pads, biomechanics arch support, soft glide, and, of course, a moisture-wicking top layer.


Fortunately, you don’t have to painstakingly look through the specs of every insole out there to ensure you’re buying the right thing.


All the insoles I tested and reviewed in this guide tick all the boxes above, leaving you with the decision of budget consideration and personal preference only.


Does footwear truly influence performance?


The right insoles for your golf shoes will not magically improve your game. But since they make your rounds more comfortable, especially if you are walking, then that can translate into a more fruitful match.


I have insoles to reduce Achilles pain after walking my round, and they work incredibly well for such a purpose.


Insoles add power to your golf swing in snake oil because it becomes challenging to create ground force without an insole.


And since so much of your golf game depends on your feet—the connection between your feet and your swing—the influence cannot be overemphasized.


Little wonder why Jack Nicklaus, a veteran American golfer, once said, “All timing, distance, and direction come out of the lower body with the feet leading the way.”


Which of these insoles for golf shoes appeals more to you, and why? Feel free to share in the comments.




Hello, I'm Fredrick, and I have a genuine passion for golf. With over 15 years of immersion in the golfing industry, I've not only played the game extensively but also honed my skills in crafting informational guides on golf. Golf is not just a sport to me; it's a way of life, and I'm thrilled to share my expertise with fellow enthusiasts.