Simple Golf Review

Every golfer, even the great Phil Mickelson, needs to work on the mechanics of the golf swing every now and then.  Golfers can gain from reading books and watching videos to expand their understanding of the game and earn fresh ideas about how to boost their own game. However, improving your abilities at golf is a long term process. Whether you a professional or a beginner, you need to improve your skills continuously if you want to enjoy the game.

About golf

Golf is well-known worldwide. Playing golf is one most fulfilling experiences you could have. Whether you are golf enthusiastic or you are just learning the game, you will find golf to be a challenging and satisfying experience. The game can teach you a lot about yourself and others.

Golfers have enjoyed golf around the world for more than a hundred years. More and more golfers are learning the sport and enjoying the experience. However, many have made the game complicated with the gadgets and the many takes on instruction. They have discouraged many golfers and turn away many golfers. The Art of Simple Golf instructions will simplify dos and don’ts and make it simple for you.

The philosophy of golf

Let’s start with psychology. The use of psychology in golf plays a significant part in the manner in which golfer perform. A lousy shot can impact the rest of your game, bringing it down on a steady decline. During this decline, your mind at this low point can cause you to create unintended groundstrokes that can affect your swing.

For golfers with high handicaps, rebounding from this low can be difficult. Having a strong mental game will put them in the most suitable place to permit them to play at their potential skill level.

The attempt to iron out your swing troubles without addressing the mental aspect of your game can be detrimental to your game. However, if you are prepared to learn the appropriate golf psychology for performing under pressure, you will have the ability to execute each shot and accept the outcome bad or good and move on.

Art of Simple Golf

Playing golf is not like walking. It does not come naturally. It can be a frustrating game because while it looks effortless to do, it is difficult to master, and it can be complicated. The new outlook of making golf fun and simple is introduced by the Art of Simple Golf. The word SIMPLE is broken by the below approach.

S – The S stands for strategy, which means the strategy to get every shot from the tee to the putt. You should commit to a process, a plan and train the body and the mind to adhere to it.

I – The I stand for intermediate intention and point. You should pick a point as your target and shape your shot to hit the target. The goal is to set up the golf swing. You should focus on a target, and your brain will determine distance and depth. Your intermediate intention is to focus on the point which will deliver the shot you want. The immediate point allows the matching of that shot.

M – The M stands for matching the intermediate point, the setup, the shot and the feel of the shot.

P – The P stands for practice, performance, predict with precision.

L-Let it be. You should trust your swing and let go. Trust that you have put in the work to make the shot.

E – Evaluate. Did you stay with and trust your shot?

SIMPLE. Follow the simple approach and you will be consistent, calm, and you will have fun.

The Art of Simple Golf is a new uncomplicated look at golf instructions. It goes against the grain or the norm when comes golf instruction. Their goals are to uncomplicate golf and make it simple, fun, social and competitive for beginners, immediate and advanced.

With golf, there is a never-ending need to improve your game with gadgets, golf clubs, swing fixes, golf balls, tees, gloves and instructional courses to enhance your game.

The “Art Of Simple Golf” breaks it down in three sections:

1. Simple Swing/Scoring Program: The simple swing/scoring program section consists of more than 50 instructional videos, tips on how to be a pro golfer and helpful reviews from other golfers.

2. Golf Wisdom: This complete section includes DVDs on what do when you are in certain situations when you are on the course, such as hazards, lies, wind direction etc.

3.Stroke-Swing System: With this system, you can practice and train when it is convenient for you at home or away from home with DVDs. You will be able to develop techniques that are effective and simple.

Tips To Improve your game.

Addressing the needs for improvement shows your commitment to the game. “Art of Simple Golf,” believe in keeping it simple, practice and posture.
There are many other aspects to improving your game. Some of them include physical and mental fitness, the golf swing, putting, chipping and golf equipment.

There several ways to keep it simple by implementing the below routine.

-Do not complicate things
-Get back to your basic routine
-Control your posture.
-Maintain a proper grip on your club
-Learn the appropriate technique for each golf club
-Familiarize yourself with each club.


Every sport has a different level of difficulty. Golf, like most sports, requires a lot of practice. But golf requires muscle memory practice, which is very difficult. Getting better at golf needs a large amount of practice physically, but you should not overlook the enormous advantages gained from improving your mental fitness.


Posture is an important part of the game. A good posture will help your ball striking. The correct stance involves bending your knees slightly and holding your arms out and downwards. Proper posture can control how the ball is hit.

Position of the ball

You are in control of the position of the ball. You should be familiar with the correct positioning and alignment of the ball to the target. You can use your golf club to do this.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness should be part of your routine for staying fit. Before each round of golf, you should do warm-up exercises to kick start your round. Being physically fit is ideal for improving your golf game. Cardiovascular exercises can help with the six to ten miles of walking on the golf course. Golf fitness exercises can also increase your energy needed to power your golf swing.

Golf fitness exercises for juniors golfer can be helpful to the maturation of the golf swing in various ways. You can raise the power of output in your golf swing. Golf fitness exercises can play a key role in improving stamina as well.

You can incorporate gadgets in your exercises routine to emulate what the professionals are doing in the DVD training course. So, you can practice muscle memory.

There are a number of unique exercises you can do with the training DVDs. The exercises are simple and they can help improve your game.

Mental Fitness

When you possess a strong mental game of golf, you will have the following:

-More mental discipline.
-A strong mental game of golf,
-Knowledge to handle your mind and your focus.
-The ability to let-go and have more unconscious control.

The most successful players adapt to various courses and conditions. In fact, some players are somewhat more definable by the way that they think than by the way that they swing. Players not in control can not forego their conscious mental control which makes their swing guided and tight.

There is psychology involved in the game. Your perspective may be fine. So do not try to play the game like someone else. Playing true to yourself can give you a perspective on the game, and you can utilize the methods to boost your mental game.

Visualize your shots

Before each round of golf, you should calm your mind during warm-up and visualize each shot. You should decide what tee-shot can provide you with the ideal approach to the green on each hole and what club you should use. By visualizing each shot, you can not predict each shot. But your mental fitness can help in an ideal approach which includes your swing, your posture, your stance and your putt.

Forget the bad shots

We all can have lousy a hole. But, you need to forget it and do not spend valuable time on it. Playing the first nine holes of the course in your head on the practice facility would certainly be useful but difficult.

Relax your mind

During the round as you move from shot to shot, talk about something besides your round. This will allow you to stay relaxed. An excellent shot can lead to a great game, and it can give you the confidence to play your round without fear.

Your mind has to be in the proper place, and your emotions need to be tempered. Once your mind is in the appropriate place, you can trust the initial shot initiated and let it unfold. Golfers need to be more unconscious, so they can be athletic in executing the shot.

Golf swing

The golf swing is critical to your game. A suitable golf swing is quite fluid and smooth. To achieve the right golf swing, and you will need to begin with the fundamentals. You should be relaxed and have a proper posture at your address to the ball. This will allow you to hit the ball the required distance needed.

Golfers do not develop into a more powerful golfer, but one with a higher degree of golf-specific flexibility. The golf swing can look easy, but it encompasses many distinct elements. Every golfer would like to know the secret golf tip to enhance their distance.

If you attempt to shorten your swing, you should make sure you stay down and find the ball through on your downswing. Even the simplest golf swing can be affected by this move. You may have the ability to do the inner workings of the golf swing efficiently.
But your ability generates power can be compromised. It might also be beneficial to practice your swing in a mirror or possibly to videotape yourself. So that you can observe the differences between what you believe you are doing and what you are in reality doing.

If you are having problems that cause you to slice the ball, the most common solution is to remain calm. Simple golf has many DVDs on how to cure a golf slice so you can play the game well.


Putting is a very important part of golf. Simple Golf putting advice will enable you to enhance your putting and ultimately help lower your score. Putting can keep in the game if your swing fail.

Becoming a great putter is extremely difficult, and it is almost impossible to place your finger on what it takes. Mental fitness can play a part in great putting. You should keep an open mind. It is the best means to aid in improving your putting and your golf game.

It is imperative that you get off the bogey train because it can affect your mental game. You must develop a go-to shot that you can always depend on. The simple act of striking the ground can improve coordination and your ability to visualize a path to the hole.

Pitching and Chipping

Good putting is vital to a fantastic golf score. It can be one of the most simple aspects of the golf game but at the same time can be one of the most difficult to master.

But before you putt, you might have to pitch or chip. As a way to become more accurate with pitching and chipping, you must receive a sense of the distance you are hitting. You must not be distracted by the course setting. Take a look around the entire area and be aware of hazarded areas before you pitch or chip. The trick to chipping is hitting back on the ball with a good stroke and aim to get the ball within a close distance to the hole.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs play an important role in your golf game. Having the right equipment can help improve your game. If you do not have golf clubs, there are a couple of options available for your first visit to the range. Golf clubs are the most crucial golf equipment necessary for the game; however, there is some other equipment that is either necessary or helpful in playing the game.

You should learn how to use each club. It is advisable to have a guide to golf to comprehend the principles of the game, how to read a green and which techniques will create the best outcomes. When it comes to golf clubs, the Art of Simple Golf suggests four approaches:

Invest: Not only does your mental and physical fitness matter in your game but the quality of the equipment as well. There are many types of golf clubs available from midrange to high-end custom clubs, which can be expensive. However, you should be willing to invest your time and money in a set of midrange golf clubs.

Research: Before you make a purchase, you should always do your research, especially when you are investing your time and money. Golf clubs come in different style, and each club serves a different purpose. If you want to slow, curve or slice the ball.

Try out the clubs: Before you purchase your clubs, ask the sale person to let you try them out. Most shops have areas where you can practice your swing, and they can answer all your questions. This not so if you purchase the club online. This reason it is not recommended to purchase clubs online.

The Grip: The proper-sized grips on your clubs is among the most important regions of the equipment in your golf bag and one which you have total control over. If your grip is too tight, you can stiffen, which can affect how the ball is hit. If your grip is too loose, the ball can be hit in an undesired direction.

As you learn how to play golf, you will become accustomed to your clubs and the way they perform. You also should be in a position to distinguish and understand the most difficult golf conditions. A great golfer can play nicely with any set of clubs in any condition.

Golf glove

A golf glove is essential to the game. The glove is comfortable and it can give confidence that is needed in your grip. The golf glove can help you maintain simplicity fluid motion in your golf swing.