Why We Love Golf Betting


There are so many sports out there that you can place bets on at sites like www.betstation.com, but for us the only sport worth betting on is golf. Naturally, we will always back the main man Phil Mickelson, but we’ll also add some other bets to keep each competition interesting. In fact since leaving the PGA, we can’t back Phil The Thrill as much as we once did, opening up the field for some new golfers for us to back. Here is exactly why we think that golf is the best sport for betting, and why we think that you’ll love it too.

Big Field, Big Odds

In so many sports, prior to a competition, there are some teams or individuals who are just overwhelming favorites. When it comes to golf, however, it is just so hard to gauge. Given the size of the field, and given how tough it is to perform consistently, even the big favorites have odds of 9 or 10 to 1. These odds are usually quite accurate, but it gives the likes of you and us the chance to really get some great value from the picks that we make.

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Range of Markets

A major improvement that we have seen in recent years, in large part because of the rise of online gambling, has been the volume of markets that you can now bet on. This has been especially impressive in terms of golf markets, giving us all the chance to bet on more than just the winner. You can now place bets on who will and won’t make the cut, what a player’s average round score will be, and even how many birdies a player will make. All of these extra markets have given us more reason to place a bet and even more reason to do our homework properly. Whatever kind of outcome you fancy, it is highly likely that there is a market for it.

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Outsider Chance

We cannot think of any other sport that is quite like golf when it comes to unlikely winners. The reality though, is that some players are just able to hit the groove at the right time, and this will often happen in the majors. That enables gamblers with the chance to throw a couple of dollars at a long shot, and really be in with a chance of making some cash. This is even more true if you back such a golfer each way, as this pays out the first 3 or 4 places depending on whom you bet with.

Adding Excitement

We love watching the golf but do concede that it can get a little tedious. If a player is running away with the tournament for example then watching it can be quite boring and lack excitement. Betting on holes, players, and outcomes, however, ensures that there is plenty of excitement to be had and a reason for you to tune in and continue watching.

This is exactly why we love betting on golf and why we think that you might too.


Christopher Diaz

Christopher is an avid golfer who calls Miami home. As a Phil Mickelson fan, he set up this website as an informational portal for all other fans of "Lefty." He also occasionally reviews equipment and golf training programs, but admits he'd rather be on the course than anywhere.