Who Was the Kid That Played the Happy Gilmore Caddie


Jared Van Snellenberg played Adam Sandler’s caddie in the instant classic golf comedy Happy Gilmore.

Happy Gilmore’s Caddy – The Story Behind the Legendary Character

Released in 1996, Happy Gilmore had a cast that included Sandler, Julie Bowen, and Christopher McDonald.  A cameo was made by Bob Barker, who famously fights Happy Gilmore after his meltdown on the green when the two are paired as partners.

Back to the famous caddie, Jared Van Snellenberg made his name known due to the Billy Idol look of bleach blonde hair. Research shows he’s working in the field of psychiatry as an assistant professor at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University.

Many people have compared the characters unique look to that of golfer Will Zalatoris!

Will Zalatoris as Happy Gilmore Caddie Doppelgänger

Adam Sandler famously congratulated Will Zalatoris on his first PGA Tour win since he has drawn comparisons to that of his young caddy in the movie Happy Gilmore.

will zalatoris happy gilmore caddie

See the resemblance?


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