Happy Gilmore Cast Members of the MTV Movie Award-Winning Film

Happy Gilmore

February 16, 1996, the release date for Happy Gilmore is a day I fondly remember as a professional golf player. The movie remains one of the best Adam Sandler performances in my book, and that great supporting cast outdid themselves.

If you love golf, and you feel like having a bit of fun, call your golfing buddies over and enjoy one of my favorite golf films of all time!

A Great Film if You Enjoy Adam Sandler’s Schtick

Adam Sandler

A schtick is the Hollywood industry term for a performance style, comic routine, or gimmick. In Adam Sandler’s case, he has one of the most easily recognizable schticks in the movie business.

If you love his goofy nature and lovable, if rather childish, antics, this is a must-see film. In Happy Gilmore, you get to see Adam Sandler in his true element.

The Happy Gilmore Cast Members Behind the Film

As good as the storyline is, Happy Gilmore would be nothing without its awesome cast list that manages to do justice to a great script. Here are six cast members of the hilarious comedy that I found to be unforgettable:

Adam Sandler – Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler - Happy Gilmore

Staring as the titular character, Adam Sandler manages to put on Happy Gilmore’s shoes and become the funny golfer that captured the hearts of audiences around the world. From being a wannabe hockey player to becoming the winner of a golf tournament, Sandler delivers a gleefully juvenile take on the role that is fondly remembered by his millions of fans.

Christopher McDonald – Shooter McGavin

Often, the trick to a good movie is to find actors who can convincingly play the role of the antagonist. In Christopher McDonald’s case, he took to the role of Shooter McGavin like a fish to water, which was not easy in a goofy film such as this.

Julie Bowen – Virginia Venit

Julie Bowen

Happy Gilmore’s love interest in the film is Virginia Venit, a pro golf tour public relations director who is played by Julie Bowen. The chemistry between the two is sizzling!

Francis Bay – Grandma Gilmore

Who doesn’t love a cute, mild-mannered granny whose failure to pay taxes lands her grandson in a spot of trouble? The role of Grandma Gilmore was just made for the talented Francis Bay to bring to life.

Carl Weathers – Chubbs Peterson

Chubbs Peterson

If a hockey player is going to win a golf tournament, he will need a very special coach to take him through the basics. This is the job that Carl Weathers’ character, Chubbs Peterson, takes on very well.

Jared Van Snellenberg

Jared Van Snellenberg ws the original caddie assigned to Gilmore when he entered the Waterbury Open.  I dedicated an entire page to the young Happy Gilmore caddy here.

Allen Covert – Otto

Every golfer needs a caddy, and if you are Happy Gilmore, even a homeless man can get the job done! Allen Covert is the guy roped in to play Otto, Happy’s beloved caddy.

Enjoy the Funny Side of Golf With Adam Sandler and His Crew!

Many other great performances caught me by surprise when I watched Happy Gilmore, such as Dennis Dugan’s impressive portrayal of Doug Thompson, the serious tour Commissioner. Ben Stiller and Bob Barker, the TV presenter, also had some awesome cameo roles.

If you think watching a hockey player try to keep his grandmother out of the nursing home by winning a golf tournament sounds like some great entertainment, catch Adam Sandler and the rest of the cast list of Happy Gilmore!