Best Golf Movies Ever Made

Golf Movies

If you’re like me and you love golf, or you’re just looking for something new to watch, I have some awesome golf movies you should check out! Trust me; you’ll find something, whether you like drama, comedy, or both!

There are so many dope movies about golf out there! These movies are not just for golfers but for anyone who wants to learn more about the sport. They’ve been around for ages and have inspired many people. Some of them are about underdogs who make it to the big leagues, and others are about intense competition.

Alright, so let me share with you some of the best golf movies ever made. Get ready for an epic movie night with your squad or fam!

Top-Rated Golf Movies You Should Watch

Check out the top golf movies of all time!! These movies give an in-depth look into the game and will definitely get you pumped to play a round or two. Inspiring stories of triumph and perseverance; hilarious comedies that show the lighter side of the sport. There’s a movie for every golf fan out there.

  • Caddyshack (1980)

One of the most popular and iconic golf movies of all time is Caddyshack. The movie is a comedy that features an eccentric golf course tycoon and his crazy family.

The movie is set at the Bushwood Country Club. It follows the characters as they prepare for the club’s annual golf tournament. Some of the biggest names in comedy stars in the movie, like Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, and Ted Knight. It’s super funny to see how they interact with each other.

There are two characters that don’t get along. Judge Smails, who thinks he’s better than everyone else, and Carl Spackler, the groundskeeper who’s obsessed with getting rid of a gopher. Then there’s Danny Noonan, a young caddy who wants to go to college. But he needs to win the tournament’s scholarship to pay for it.

Throughout the movie, he meets some cool characters like Ty Webb, a super chill golfer, and Carl Spackler, who’s a little bit crazy. Murray’s portrayal of Spackler is out of control and funny. He steals the show with his antics and obsession with that darn gopher. Caddyshack is popular for its outrageous humor and unforgettable character.

I particularly liked Murray’s manic portrayal of Spackler. It is a hilarious movie that will have you laughing from beginning to end. I loved every minute of it and I think you will too!

  • Happy Gilmore (1996)

Happy Gilmore is another classic golf comedy that has become a favorite among fans of the sport. It stars an all star cast of Adam Sandler, who plays Happy Gilmore, a hockey player who is terrible at golf. But he learns that he can hit the ball with such force that it rolls farther than anyone else’s. Happy teams up with his mentor Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers) to win a tournament and save his grandma’s house.

I love this movie because it’s hilarious, and Sandler’s acting is wild. There are so many memorable scenes, like Happy’s crazy swing and his fight with Bob Barker. What I learned from this movie is that if you keep trying, you can succeed, even if it’s unusual.

  • Tin Cup (1996)

Another great golf movie -starring Kevin Costner as Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy, a former golf pro who falls for his psychologist, MollyGriswold (Rene Russo). With her help, he tries to win the U.S. Open.

Open. However, his rivalry with David Simms, who is played by Don Johnson, gets in the way. This movie has everything–romance, competition, and humor. Costner’s performance is amazing! And it shows the highs and the lows of being a golfer. It’s a fun movie that both golf fans and non-fans will enjoy.

  • Tommy’s Honour (2016)

It is a historical drama that tells the story of Tom Morris Sr. and his son, Tom Morris Jr. They were two pioneering golfers who helped to shape the sport in its early days. The film shows their complicated relationship, as well as their influence on modern golf. But the movie is not just about golf; it’s about family, legacy, and tradition.

It is a loving tribute to the history and traditions of golf. I loved the movie’s attention to detail and cinematography. The performances by Mullan and Lowden were fantastic. The film’s themes of family, legacy, and tradition are sure

to resonate with viewers. Tommy’s Honour is a must-see for fans of golf and sports history. If you’re a golf lover, or even if you’re not, you should watch Tommy’s Honour. It’s a well-crafted drama that you’ll enjoy!

  • The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

If you’re into golf, you should check out The Greatest Game Ever Played. It’s a true story about Francis Ouimet (Shia LaBeouf), an amateur golfer from Massachusetts in the early 1900s. Despite being a working-class kid, he became the first amateur to win the U.S. Open. It is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments globally, which was super impressive!

The movie is visually stunning and has some incredible golf scenes that will make your jaw drop. Also, it talks about class division, and how Francis was competing against wealthy golfers, making the story more intriguing. The intense playoff between Ouimet, Harry Vardon, and Ted Ray will keep you on the edge of your seat!

  • Stroke of Genius (2004)

It is a biographical drama that tells the story of Bobby Jones (Jim Caviezel)-one of the best golfers of all time. The film follows Jones’ rise to fame and his quest to become the first golfer to win the Grand Slam. He won it in 1930.

I was blown away by this movie’s attention to detail and historical accuracy. Jones’s character was portrayed as intelligent, dedicated, and passionate. This movie showed the importance of having sportsmanship and integrity in the face of adversity. It’s a great movie for anyone who loves golf and history. The golf scenes in this movie are insane, and Jim Caviezel’s acting is incredible. This movie is so well made and powerful, and it honors one of the greatest golf players ever.

Stroke of Genius is also notable for showing the mental and emotional toll sports take. Moreover, it explores the importance of integrity and sportsmanship in the face of adversity.

  • The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

I recently watched The Legend of Bagger Vance, and I was blown away by the beautiful landscapes and cinematography. The story is about Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon), a former golf prodigy who falls into despair after serving in WWI. He hires a mysterious caddy, Bagger Vance (Will Smith) to help him get back on track and compete in a high-profile golf tournament. It’s a mystical drama that’ll take you on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

I loved how the film talks about themes like sacrifice, honor, and redemption which left a lasting impact on my mind. Damon and Smith’s performances were so good; they made the movie unforgettable. If you’re into golf and want to watch a timeless and powerful film, then The Legend of Bagger Vance is for you!

The Best Hidden Gems

Aside from the movies above, there are several other movies you should know about:

Seven Days in Utopia

  • Seven Days in Utopia (2011)

Seven Days in Utopia is a 2011 drama film directed by Matt Russell. It’s a sports drama movie that tells the story of a young golfer named Luke Chisholm (Lucas Black), who is struggling to make it big in the game. After a disastrous tournament, Luke finds himself stranded in a small town called Utopia, where he meets a wise old golfer named Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall).

Johnny teaches him the real meaning of the game. He helps Chisholm rediscover his passion for golf and himself. Throughout the movie, we see Luke’s transformation from a frustrated and angry golfer to a calm and confident one.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Johnny takes Luke to a field to hit golf balls. Instead of focusing on hitting the ball perfectly, Johnny asks Luke to paint a picture with his shots. This teaches Luke to be creative and think outside the box; which helps him improve his game.

The film features stunning cinematography and breathtaking scenery. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside and I’m sure you will feel the same way too!

  • Dead Solid Perfect (1988)

This HBO show is a classic golf series that you need to check out! It’s about a pro golfer named Kenny Lee (Randy Quaid), and his life on the golf tour. It’s so relatable because he’s always trying to balance his work and personal life, just like all of us. This show has drama, humor, and some great golf scenes. It’s one of my all-time favorites!!

Even though it’s a funny movie, Dead Solid Perfect is also very thoughtful. It shows the highs and lows of professional golf. I loved the performances of Quaid, Kathryn Harrold, and Corinne Bohrer.

If you’re into golf or just looking for something new to watch, give these golf series a chance! There’s something for everyone, whether you like drama, comedy, or both. I can’t wait to watch more golf shows and learn more about this amazing game!

  • The Squeeze (2015)

The Squeeze is a thrilling sports movie that also has some comedy and drama. It’s about Augie (Jeremy Sumpter), a talented golfer who needs to earn some money to help his family and pay off his debts.

He meets a gambler named Riverboat (Christopher McDonald), who offers him a deal. Augie has to play in a high-stakes golf game against some of the best players in the world.

Augie agrees to the deal but soon finds out that he’s in over his head. The movie is full of suspense and twists that will keep you guessing until the end. Augie’s girlfriend Natalie (Jillian Murray) is also there to help him along the way.

The Squeeze has a well-written plot and amazing golf courses that took my breath away. The actors, especially Sumpter and McDonald, give outstanding performances that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’re a fan of sports, drama, or comedy; you’ll love this movie. I was so nervous while watching it, but it was totally worth it!

  • Follow the Sun (1951)

Last week I watched this old-school golf movie called “Follow the Sun” from way back in 1951. It’s about a famous golfer named Ben Hogan (Glenn Ford) and his journey to becoming one of the greatest golfers of all time. The movie was made a long time ago, but I still thought it was cool to watch and learn about someone who achieved so much in their sport.

He faces many obstacles-including a near-fatal car accident that almost ended his career. But with hard work and determination, he comes back stronger than ever and becomes a legend in the golf world.

One thing I found interesting was how the movie showed the struggles that Hogan faced off the golf course as well. He had a tough time balancing his personal life with his golf career, and it wasn’t always easy for him to make the right choices. It made me realize that being a successful athlete isn’t just about physical ability, but also mental and emotional strength.

I must say, the golf scenes were so cool to watch, and the acting was on point. This movie inspires me to work hard and keep going after my dreams.

  • A Gentleman’s Game (2001)

This 2001 sports drama film revolves around a young man named Timmy Price (Mason Gamble). He gets sent to a fancy golf club by his mom to try and fix his life. There, he meets this former golf prodigy named Foster Pearse (Gary Sinise) who helps him get better at golf.

Timmy also becomes friends with the club’s caddy, a guy named Burt (Philip Baker Hall) who’s wise and funny. As Timmy gets better at golf, he faces a bunch of challenges on and off the course. The movie talks about themes like friendship and redemption and has some really good life lessons. The acting in this movie is dope-with a strong supporting cast, including Gary Sinise, Philip Baker Hall, and Dylan Baker. This movie got me thinking about personal growth and perseverance.

Unforgettable Golf Documentaries

If you’re into golf, you should watch these documentaries. They’re all so interesting and show the hard work

that goes into being a great golfer. Some of my favorites are The Short Game and The Greatest Game Ever Played. These documentaries helped me understand the sport better and appreciate the amazing skills of golfers.

  • Tiger (2021)

This documentary explores the fascinating life and career of golfing legend Tiger Woods. They take a deep dive into Tiger’s life and career, starting from his childhood and going all the way up to his rise to fame. They show all of his amazing accomplishments on the golf course as well as the struggles he’s faced throughout his career.

The documentary has 2 parts: The first part focuses on Tiger’s early life and how he became one of the greatest golfers of all time. The second part is all about the scandals he’s faced and how he’s dealt with them.

It even has interviews with his friends, family, former coaches, and fellow golfers. It also features archival footage and never-before-seen home videos.  The film offers a comprehensive and intimate portrait of one of the most iconic athletes of our time.

  • The Founders (2016)

Have you heard about the Ladies Professional Golf Association? The Founders documentary is all about the women who founded the LPGA, and it’s super inspiring. Charlene Fisk and Carrie Schrader directed it, and they did a great job telling the story of how women’s golf got started.

The film shows how these women had to fight for recognition and respect in the male-dominated world of golf. They interview some of the founding members of the LPGA and current players as well as experts from a female perspective.  You get to see old footage and hear personal stories from the players themselves. These women paved the way for female golfers today, and it’s awesome to learn about their journey.

  • Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk (2019)

Did you know that caddies are a huge part of the game of golf? The documentary, Loopers, is all about them, and it’s super impressive. They talk to caddies and professional golfers to show how important their relationships are.

The documentary also explores the history of caddying and all the challenges and rewards that come with it. They even have interviews with some of the most famous caddies in the game.  The cinematography is amazing, and you get a sense of how special this job is. If you love golf, you definitely need to check this one out!

  • Uneven Fairways (2009)

I recently watched this documentary and it was super interesting! The film looks at the history of golf and how black golfers played a huge role in breaking down racial barriers in the sport. The documentary features interviews with famous golfers like Charlie Sifford and LeeElder. These players faced discrimination and prejudice throughout their careers.

What I found really cool was that the documentary also explored how golf courses played a role in the civil rights movement and how segregation affected the sport. It made me realize how important diversity and inclusivity are in sports and society. Overall, this documentary was a powerful reminder of the struggles and triumphs of black golfers.

  • The Short Game (2013)

If you’re a golf fan, you should check out this documentary. It’s all about eight young golfers who are competing in the World Championships of Junior Golf. I was blown away by the sacrifices both the players and their families made to pursue their dreams. The documentary was narrated by comedian and actor Josh Gad, which made it fun to watch. Also, I loved how it offered a great blend of humor, drama, and mind-blowing footage. It was heartwarming and inspiring to see the talent and dedication of these young golfers.

  • Seve: The Movie (2014)

It is a really emotional and heart-felt documentary-drama that explores the life and career of golfer Steve Ballesteros. It was eye-opening to see how he rose to fame and the impact he had on the game of golf. But, it was also super sad to see his battle with brain cancer.

The documentary was narrated by actor Jose Luis Gomez. It had interviews with golf’s biggest names, like Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, and Colin Montgomerie. I loved how it offered a unique insight into the man behind the legend. It was a fitting tribute to one of golf’s greatest players. It was a great documentary that any golf fan would enjoy.

Interesting Series for Golf Lovers

Golf movies and documentaries offer a sneak peek into the world of golf. You’ll dig watching these shows about it too! I’m going to tell you about some lit golf series that you should check out.

  • The Haney Project (2009)

I totally recommend this awesome show! It’s about golf coach Hank Haney, who works with celebrities to make their golf game better. You get to see him work with famous folks like Charles Barkley, Ray Romano, and even Rush Limbaugh. I’ve watched all six seasons of the show, and it’s so cool to see how Haney helps his clients overcome their challenges on the course.

Final Thoughts: Get Ready to Swing Into Action With These Golf Movies and Series!

There are so many fantastic movies out there that you will enjoy. People love and are passionate about golf. I hope you like my recommendations! You don’t even need to be a golfer to enjoy and learn from them. So grab some snacks, get comfy, and let’s dive into these lit golf movies! Gather your friends, fam, or squad, and have an amazing movie night.