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 Titleist TS2 vs. TSi2  Driver


The Titleist TS2 and TSi2 drivers are both exceptional options with distinct features. The TS2 offers high launch and forgiveness, while the TSi2 provides improved adjustability and speed. After testing both drivers, I realized that the TS2 driver is more beginner-friendly, while the TSi2  has more features that appeal to golfers with more advanced skills.

Many players torn between both options usually try to determine if the TSi2  is worth the extra couple hundred dollars. I tried both before this season, and here’s the shocker: I experienced no massive difference. Predictably, someone in my situation (9 handicaps and an average drive of 250) would instead go for a used TS2 and save themselves almost $300.

But I won’t be in haste to say you should make this choice too. There are several factors to look out for before making the ultimate decision. In the rest of this article, I’ll place the TS2 and TSi2  drivers side-by-side to help you decide which is truly worth your money.

Titleist TSi2


  • The TSi2 is one of the muted drivers in the market.
  • Has great forgiveness and balls travel better.

Titleist TS2


  • The stretched head is better in comparison to the TSi2
  • Has an incredible spinning capacity
  • Great choice for beginners

Ts2 Or Tsi2 Drivers Compared

The TS2 offers loft options between 8 and 11.5 degrees, features Surefit hosel technology, and costs $170. Conversely, TSi2  only has loft options between 9 and 11 degrees, features the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium and Face technology, and sells for $499.

here are the factors I noted while comparing these two drivers

Design and Construction

The adjustable loft options are a notable difference between the TSi2 and TS2 drivers in design and construction. With the TS2, you get a flexible loft that can adjust +/- 3 degrees, while the TSi2   can be modified up to +/- 2 degrees.

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Also, the imagined path of the traveling golf ball, the horizontal oval, is longer in the TSi2  driver. This hints that you can hit the golf ball further with the TSi2  than with the TS2.

Now, on overall appearance and aesthetics, both drivers share similarities. But when you pay closer attention, you’ll realize that TSi2  appears a bit bigger and has a modern look compared to TS2’s traditional appearance.

Here’s my observation of the differences between both drivers in terms of construction and how these differences can potentially influence your game:

Design ElementsTitleist TS2Titleist TSi2Verdict
Clubhead Shape Traditional ShapeModern ShapeTSi2  wins  
Clubhead SizeStandard SizeStandard SizeTie
Clubface MaterialTitanium  TitaniumTie
AdjustabilityFixed HoselAdjustable Hosel  TSi2  wins
Sound and FeelModerateSolid and ResponsiveTSi2  wins

Performance Characteristics

From the design specifications, It wasn’t surprising to discover that the TSi2  produced marginally higher clubhead and ball speeds after multiple hits. I achieved an average of 250 yards using the TSi2, compared to the aggregated average of  243 yards that the TS2 flew.

I also noticed that the TSi2  offered more forgiveness than the TS2 driver, even on toe mishits. This, coupled with the better ball speed, was all I needed to be convinced that I had made a good investment in spending that extra money.  But it’s worth mentioning that the TS2 produced a better roll than the TSi2.

But if you’re meticulous about your purchase decision, it won’t end with a performance comparison. This is where the consideration of customization and adjustability comes in.

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Adjustability and Customization

You can adjust the loft of the TS2  up to +/- 3 degrees, while that of the TSi2  is adjustable up to  +/- 2 degrees.

With these adjustability differences, you can see that the Titleist TSi2  and TS2 drivers are still ideal for moderate to slow swing speeds and high handicappers. So there’s not so much contradiction going on in this aspect.

TSi2  is still a fairly traditional shape for a high MOI (moment of inertia) driver,” says Titleist’s Director of Player Promotion and expert metal wood fitter, Van Wezenbeeck, “but the increased launch angle for certain players and increased forgiveness are really helpful when you’re not always hitting it on center.”

Wezenbeeck explained in an interview with Golf.com in 2021 how American professional golfer Justin Thomas, who plays on the PGA Tour, was seeing more forgiveness and launch from the TSi2, even while it produced a bit too much spin.

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User Experience and Feedback

The sound is the first thing that sets these two drivers apart regarding feedback. TSi2  seemed to be more muted than even my current driver. Although both drivers have a pleasant feel, the increased ball speeds from the TSi2 are juicy, but the TS2 spins lower than many “forgiving” or rearward CG drivers I’ve used.

If you’re getting a fitting to manage spin rate and similar issues, you may find the TSi2  more appealing. It’s more forgiving while maintaining a lower spin rate for its capabilities.

I wouldn’t dare compare these two with Titleist’s recent TSR2, which stormed the market in 2022 with its incredible low spin, high launch, and improved accuracy and distance. But even being the brand’s older versions, the TSi2  and TS2 drivers still do a pretty good job with optimal feel, speed, launch, and distance.

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Price and Value

There’s a wide gap between the TS2 and TSi2  in terms of price point, and that’s the bone of contention, seeing that both drivers are identical on various grounds.

The TSi2  design is relatively pricey, costing $449, about $150, shy of Titleist’s recent $599 TSR2. On the other hand, you can buy a TS2 for around $170 to $200.

I have observed that many golfers torn between these two options are usually more concerned about whether spending an extra $200 for the TSi2  is worth it since it’s a newer version. Another bone of contention is that it’s hard to find a brand-new TS2. So, you will most likely see pre-owned models.

Pros And Cons

Titleist TS2 Driver
The stretched head is better than the TSi2The design is bulky when compared with the TSi2
It favors beginner playersThe traditional appearance will not appeal to players with modern taste
Admirable spinning capability 
Excellent stability and speed 
Titleist TSi2  Driver
An excellent driver to achieve increased ball flightThe price can discourage buyers on a budget
You have more shaft optionsThe consistency is not as good as the TS2
The forgiveness and long-distance shots are better 

So Which Should You Go For? My Recommendation

Here’s the catch: The Titleist TSi2  offers aerospace-grade titanium, Vertical MOI enhancements, an adjustable hosel, a 460-cc head, and an aerodynamic head shape as its key selling points.

On the other hand, what truly sets the Titleist TS2 apart is the adjustable swing weight port, SureFit adjustable hosel, elongated head shape, 5” stock shaft length, and the 460cc head.

So if you’re a beginner or a novice in this beloved sport, the TS2 is a great option. Plus, you get to save money. On the other hand, TSi2  will serve you better if you are a professional golfer.

I am confident that the TSi2  will become more potent in the right hands. So while both drivers are decent, the TSi2  is better for those with improved playing skills because the aerodynamics are a little harder to handle if you don’t have the skills and experience.

But if you’re a beginner, it will be hard to find reasons to justify paying extra for a driver that shares many similarities with a less expensive option.

I hope this helps you in your decision-making. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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