Amy Mickelson – Phil Mickelson’s Wife

Phil Mickelson is known for being one of the best golfers worldwide. His 45 victories on the PGA Tour served as inspiration for many newcomers in the golfing world.

Even though there’s plenty of information about Phil online, there’s one person that isn’t talked about much: His wife.

Phil Mickelson met Amy over three decades ago, and their history is interesting to go over. Do you want to learn more about Phil Mickelson’s wife? Keep reading; we’ll tell you everything!

Phil Mickelson with his wife Amy

About Amy Mickelson – Bio

Amy Mickelson (born “Amy McBride”) was born back in 1972. She participated on the Phoenix Suns NBA Cheerleading squad at the time of meeting Phil.

Both Phil and Amy attended Arizona State University. Amy was a junior, and Phil was a senior. A fun anecdote Amy shared with the public is that she first thought Phil worked in the shop at a golf course, even though he told her he was a pro golfer. Phil and his future wife, Amy Mickelson, had their first date on a tennis court.

The couple tied the knot back on November 16, 1996. This beautiful couple is still together after almost three decades, and they’re still showing signs of going strong.

About Amy Mickelson’s Breast Cancer

One of the hardest challenges the couple had to face was Amy’s cancer diagnosis. Phil and Amy announced the diagnosis back in May 2009 through Phil’s management firm. She was 37 at the time and announced she would undergo treatment and major surgery.

Fortunately, Amy’s cancer got caught early, so they were able to fight it properly.

Phil’s mom, Mary Mickelson, was also diagnosed with breast cancer less than two months after Amy’s diagnosis. Both pulled through and are in good health today.

The diagnoses led the Mickelson family to set up the “Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation,” which aims to support families and youths. Amy has also been an active fundraiser for breast cancer research.

Phil and Amy also founded “Birdies for the Brave” back in 2004. The nonprofit organization aimed to honor and raise funds for combat-wounded veterans. Today, the organization provides a wide range of services to veterans, military members, and their families.

Amy Mickelson’s Family

phil mickelson with wife amy and family at The Masters

Amy gave birth to three children with Phil. They are:

  • Amanda Brynn Mickelson – June 21, 1999.
  • Sophia Isabel Mickelson – October 23, 2001.
  • Evan Samual Mickelson – March 23, 2003.

A fun fact about Amanda is that she was born the day after Phil lost the 1999 U.S. Open’s “First Place” to Payne Stewart.

Evan’s birth was the most challenging one for the couple, as the baby didn’t breathe for seven minutes after the delivery. Amy was also close to losing her life due to complications. Thankfully, a professional radiologist performed an emergency procedure that saved her. Evan is also in good health today.

Amy Mickelson Age

Amy Mickelson was born in 1972, making her 51 years old today (at the time of writing this article). She’s only two years younger than Phil.

Amy Mickelson Net Worth

Amy Mickelson’s net worth is estimated to be about 1.5 million dollars. However, Phil’s net worth for 2023 is estimated to be nearly $1 billion, so you can expect both net worths combined to be particularly high.

Amy Mickelson Instagram

Amy Mickelson doesn’t appear to have an official Instagram. Phil has uploaded photos with her in the past on his official account (@philmickelson), but he doesn’t have any tags on them. This leads us to believe that Amy either doesn’t have an account or has a private one.

Still, you can find plenty of Amy Mickelson photos online.

Amy Mickelson Wikipedia

There’s no Amy Mickelson “Wiki” page to be seen on the internet, although she’s mentioned a few times on Phil’s Wikipedia page.


Amy has been supportive of Phil ever since they got married. It’s no surprise why one of the best PGA Tour players is so motivated despite all the challenges that he’s faced.

Back in 2022, Phil took some time off the media and public eye due to criticism and backlash. He was talking about his involvement in the LIV Golf League, which was proposed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. His comments got him a suspension from the PGA Tour and a withdrawal from the Masters Tournament.

Thankfully, his wife’s support has allowed him to reflect on his errors and focus on his family. There’s no doubt that Amy and Phil have a healthy relationship that could last until their final days.


Are Phil and Amy Still Together?

Phil and Amy Mickelson are still together ever since they tied the knot in 1996. This means they’ve been married for about 26-27 years.

How Old Is Amy Mickelson?

Amy Mickelson is currently 51 years old.

Did Phil Mickelson and His Wife Split Up?

No. Phil and Amy Mickelson haven’t split up ever since they got married back in 1996.