Phil Mickelson Net Worth

Phil Mickelson is one of the most accomplished golfers in the history of the PGA Tour, and he has a net worth reflecting his sustained success over 25+ years as a professional.

As of the latest estimate, Mickelson’s net worth is north of $375 million according to in 2016. This hefty sum has been accomplished through career earnings and even more due to lucrative sponsorship deals estimated at more than $50 million per year. According to Forbes, only seven athletes in the history of sports have earned more than him. Only two current athletes, Lebron James and Roger Federer) earn more than him through sponsorship deals and other income outside of their salary and prize money.

How Phil Mickelson Made His Money

His $82+ million in earnings in competitive golf place him only behind Tiger Woods net worth ($110+ million) all-time, as shown by the career money list below. With Woods no longer in the form that he’s in, and Phil still remaining in the hunt in every tournament he participates in, it is not far-fetched that he may some day become the #1 all-time money winner.  Phil Mickelson also has a reputation of being one fo the best guys on the tour, and this means that sponsors never shy from hiring him for events and giving him massive endorsement deals.  On the other hand, some other golfers have had very well publicized affairs and in turn, lost some endorsements due to this.

phil mickelson net worth


For Mickelson’s endorsement deals, in which he receives the lion’s share of income that makes up his massive net worth, he has sponsorship partners that include Callaway, Barclays, KPMG, Exxon Mobil, Rolex, and Amgen (makers of Enbrel, a drug for psoriatic arthritis, of which Mickelson has been diagnosed).

callaway sponsors PGA golfer Phil Mickelson

Of course, this sum may or may not include income that was derived from Mickelson’s insider trading activities, rather the estimated is compiled through known earnings and partnership deals. He is also well-known within golfing circles to be quite a gambler on the course, never turning down some competitive play for money.  He most famously played in “The Match” and netted $9 million dollars in a made for TV event.  Rumors have it, the event will be done again, and again, and again.  I can’t blame them, there are many people who loved watching round one.

With his skill set, we imagine that he doesn’t often lose in those contests and has some nice “walking around” money from it.