Golf Gym Review

This article covers a few topics that are crucial to any golfers game. Physical fitness, working out and a product called Golf Gym. Let me dive right into this and kick start this…For anyone out there that thinks that playing golf is just swinging a club and hitting the golf ball, I’ve got a surprise for you. It is most definitely more demanding than that, and it can be easily proven. Any non-believers are welcomed to try and swing a club. Go ahead, get a feel for yourself at just how strenuous this activity can be on the body, especially the legs and back muscles. It’s taxing and anyone that tells you different is lying.

Same as with any other sport, the best thing to do in order to become better at golf is practice, practice, practice. Well, practicing swinging on a range is one way of perfecting your golf technique, but a greatly important part is the adequate physical preparation of the body. I’m talking strength and conditioning.

Even if you’re in a good physical condition (perhaps better than Phil Mickelson), there are specific muscles that get activated during the golf swing. Unless you are already a pro-athlete in great physical shape (fun fact: Steph Curry is a beast on the course), the chances are slim for you not to feel the strains of the golf swing. My advice is to start training your body the right way, as it will most definitely show in your game.

Golf Gym, Specific Exercises & Improving Your Game

We’ve all heard of (arguably) the best pro-golf player of our age, right? Yes, I’m talking about the great Tiger Woods. But have you ever observed his game? His body movements, his swing, speed, and agility are unmatched. Before him, golf was considered a game played by people in poor physical condition just driving around the course with a drink and a cigar, but after he entered the scene, a lot has changed.

Stretching the muscles in a correct way is very important, and as we have seen Tiger Woods, it makes a great difference in how we play the game. The added bonus: avoiding serious injury and soreness that could happen if we are not careful or overestimate our abilities.

How to achieve this? For those that are not yoga masters, stretching specific muscles can be rather difficult. There is a specific tool that is designed especially for the golfers and it is called PowerBand brought to you by a company called GolfGym®. Read on and learn all about both of these and how they can help you improve your game.

What Is

Founded by an avid golf lover, is a company that brings an array of products designed to help the golfer improve their physical condition and golf swing. This company offers plenty of advice intended for golfers, along with instructional videos from trusted golf legends in the likes of Coach Joey D.

For those of you that are not familiar with Coach Joey D, he is a legend in the PGA Tour and is a biomechanics and golf fitness expert coach. Pay attention, as I take a closer look at one of their best-sellers, the PowerBandztoolset.

Power Bandz Tool

This is a relatively simple tool with versatile uses. The basic design with a loop, an elastic band, and a handle makes it easy to use anywhere. For example, in the gym by attaching it to a machine, in your back yard, by attaching it to your fence or at home, attaching it to your door. Yep, it is that simple, and it helps you train your body for better movement and stretching of the back, hips, and arms.

Depending on your level of preparedness, you can get the yellow set with medium resistance or the red set with heavy resistance. Risking the shot of sounding like an over-eager infomercial host, this is a must-try product.

But, remember that I’m not trying to sell you anything here but to introduce you to a tool that is truly delivering on its promise.

How To Use The PowerBandz

The PowerBandz is used for an array of exercises that help strengthen the core and hips, improve balance and flexibility.

If you are skeptical or have doubts, then you can watch the instructional videos which are available on the Golf Gym website and see for yourselves how this tool helps. Here are some examples of how you can use the PowerBand:

  • By attaching the loop end to a door and grip and pull on the handle, you can stretch your arms, back, and legs, improving your stance and flexibility.
  • Use it to stretch your hips, improve rotational abilities that add more strength to your swing by turning your body while the band provides the appropriate resistance.
  • Step on the loop and grip the handle and stretch your arms, just as you would do when swinging a club. This way, you control the resistance, so you don’t hurt your body while still having a proper exercise.

These are just a few instances of how the Power Bandz helps you make golf-specific exercises. The added plus, the videos are explained by an expert PGA coach. The PowerBand is easily packed in a drawstring bag, so it can fit in your bag and you can have it with you when you are on the course for a bit of a pre-game warm-up.

Wrapping Things Up

I’m in a rather good physical condition, and still, I have sometimes found myself lacking the strength and flexibility to perform a powerful swing. To improve my golf abilities, I’ve taken on a regular gym exercise regiment but have noticed how it takes a lot of my day and I’m unable to get to do all the things I want to do (and the wife has filed a complaint or two).

So, I’ve decided to give the GolfGym’s PowerBandz tool a test, and after three weeks of using it, I find it really works as promised. And no, I’m not endorsed to advertise it, but I only wanted to share this nice tool with my fellow golf lovers, as I believe it can really help improve your swing.

I’ll not become as good as the great Tiger, but a few more weeks with the PowerBandz, and I think I’ll be able to hit the green in better shape than ever.

Oh, but wait, there are other products that offers. Don’t forget to check out the CardioGolf, PowerSwing, Pound Double, Slope Platform and more. This company produces solid fitness products for the avid golfer.