Understanding Eye Dominance in Golf: A Guide for Golfers

In the game of golf, precision and consistency are essential for achieving success on the course. While many golfers focus on their swing mechanics and equipment, one factor that is often overlooked is eye dominance. Understanding your eye dominance and its influence on visual perception and coordination can greatly enhance your ability to align shots effectively and improve your overall performance. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the significance of eye dominance in golf and provide practical tips and exercises to help you identify and leverage your dominant eye for enhanced accuracy and consistency.

Eye Dominance in Golf

What is Eye Dominance?

Eye dominance refers to the tendency of one eye to have a stronger visual influence over the other. In everyday activities, such as aiming or throwing, our brain relies on the dominant eye for more accurate targeting. In golf, where precise alignment and visual perception are crucial, understanding your dominant eye becomes essential.

Eye Dominance Testing Methods

Determining your dominant eye is relatively simple and can be done using different testing methods. The two primary methods are the sighting test and the triangle test. The sighting test involves aligning a distant target with both eyes open and then closing one eye at a time to see which eye keeps the target aligned. The triangle test involves forming a triangle with your hands and focusing on a small object through the triangle. Closing one eye at a time will reveal which eye remains focused on the object.

Eye Dominance and Golf Performance

Eye dominance has a significant impact on various aspects of golf performance. It affects the alignment of your body and clubface, as well as depth perception and targeting accuracy. By understanding your dominant eye, you can make adjustments to your setup and improve your ability to align shots consistently.

Identifying Your Eye Dominance

To identify your dominant eye, try practical exercises such as the pointing test and the sighting test. In the pointing test, extend your arm and point at an object with both eyes open. Close one eye at a time, and you will notice a shift in your pointing accuracy. The eye that consistently points directly at the object is your dominant eye. Additionally, by performing the sighting test, you can observe which eye keeps the target aligned when focusing on it.

Strategies for Golfers with Cross-Dominance

Some golfers may have cross-dominance, where the dominant eye is opposite to the dominant hand. This can create challenges in aligning shots effectively. However, by adjusting your setup and alignment to accommodate your cross-dominance, you can optimize your performance and overcome any inherent difficulties.

Eye Dominance and Putting

Putting requires exceptional precision and alignment. Understanding your dominant eye can significantly impact your ability to align the putter face accurately. By practicing specific drills and adopting techniques tailored to your eye dominance, you can improve your putting stroke and overall consistency on the greens.

Club Selection

Eye dominance can also influence club selection and shot shaping decisions. By considering your dominant eye when selecting clubs and deciding on shot shapes, you can optimize your chances of executing shots with greater accuracy and control.

Visualizing Shots and Eye Dominance

Visualization plays a vital role in golf, and eye dominance can affect your ability to visualize shots effectively. By understanding your dominant eye, you can tailor your visualization techniques to enhance your mental imagery and improve shot execution.


Eye dominance is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of golf. By understanding your dominant eye and its influence on your alignment, depth perception, and targeting accuracy, you can make adjustments to your game that will enhance your performance on the course. By following the guidance provided in this comprehensive guide and incorporating practical tips and exercises, you can leverage your eye dominance to achieve greater accuracy, consistency, and enjoyment in your golf game.


Q : How can I determine my dominant eye?

A : You can determine your dominant eye by performing simple tests like the sighting test or the pointing test. These tests involve aligning a distant target or pointing at an object to observe which eye remains focused or accurate.

Q : Can eye dominance change over time?

A : No, eye dominance typically remains consistent throughout a person’s life. However, certain factors such as injury or changes in vision may temporarily affect eye dominance.

Q : Does eye dominance affect all golfers?

A : Yes, eye dominance affects all golfers to some extent. Identifying and understanding your dominant eye can help you align shots better and improve your overall performance, regardless of your skill level.