Rory McIlroy Net Worth

While Rory McIlroy may not be the up and coming young stud of the PGA Tour these days, (that torch was passed to Jordan Spieth), he still has a lot of years of top flight golf to play.  This means that he can add to his exceptional net worth, which has been reported as high as $200 million.  Today we’ll talk about how much money Rory McIlroy has made golfing, as well as touch on some of the endorsements he’s earned along the way.

What is Rory McIlroy Worth Today?

The man who was once tasked at being the face of Nike Golf after the ultra wealthy Tiger Woods took a hiatus from golf to deal with personal issues has done quite well for himself in all faces of life.  His most recent payday was a whopping $15 million in 2019 when he won the FedEx Cup.  This is the largest payout from any golfing event in history, and despite this not counting into the PGA Tour’s all time leading money winner list, he’s still ranked at #7 for his career.

When in the USA, he lives in this lavish house, located in Florida.

rory mcilroy house

This house was formerly owned by fellow golfer Ernie Els.

The Rory McIlroy net worth has gotten a big bolster from a blazing start to his career, where he has won three of the four major golf tournaments at a young age.  Even despite not winning a major championship since 2014, he has earned over $50 million on the PGA Tour and European tour since the year 2016 alone!

If the FedEx Cup money counted in career earnings, he would only be trailing Woods and of course, Phil Mickelson, on the all time career earnings list.  Rory also commands an over $2 million appearance fee just to play in tournaments, and that number was last known in 2012.  Certainly, he has raised that fee over the years as we’re now in the 2020’s!

Rory McIlroy Endorsements

It’s estimated that Rory earns over $34 million endorsement money annually alone!

Endorsement money comes from these known sources (past and present):

  • Nike – he signed a $200 million contract.
  • EA Sports
  • GolfPass
  • Optum
  • Taylor Made
  • Omega

Of course, sponsorships change all the time, so this list may not always be the most current or up to date, but I think we can all agree that as long as he manages his money properly, the Rory McIlroy net worth will not dwindle down to zero any time soon!

Rory McIlroy House in Palm Jumeirah (Dubai)

This is a man-made island near Dubai, and it’s been reported that Rory also owns a place there as well.

rory mcillroy house dubai

Rory McIlroy Lamborghini Aventador

When he dated Caroline Wozniaki this video was taken of Rory cruising around in a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador.

He is now married to Erica Stoll.

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