Nick Faldo Net Worth: How He Earned His Wealth

Nick Faldo

Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo is a retired English professional golfer. He started his career in 1977 and departed from the game in 2015 but continued working for the Golf Channel and serving as a lead golf analyst for CBS Sports until 2022. Due to his many involvements, Faldo has accumulated a net worth of $60 million.

Early Life

Nick Faldo was born in Welwyn Garden City, England, on July 18, 1957, to George Arthur Faldo and Joyce Smalley Faldo. Inspired by Jack Nicklaus, he appeared in the English Amateur at Woodhall Spa as a teenager. In 1975, he won two amateur championships which would lead him to begin his professional career in 1976 by joining the European Professional Golfers Association.


His golfing career in the 70s saw Nick Faldo become the youngest player in the Ryder Cup at the time. In the following decade, he regularly competed in major championships, winning his first Open Championship in 1987.

Nick Faldo won his third Masters tournament and third Open Championship in 1996. He ranked second in the official world golf ranking at this point.

Although he would not win another major championship, Faldo was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1997 and would continue to do well in many other tournaments.

In 2006, Nick Faldo became an analyst for CBS. He departed from playing golf professionally in 2015 but continued to be a broadcaster until 2022 when he went into full retirement.

Annual Career Earnings

Nick Faldo’s net worth is an impressive sum, although much does not come from tournament prize money. His time as a broadcaster helped him earn his way to becoming one of the richest golf players in the world.

Beyond swinging a golf club stress free and talking about the sport, Nick Faldo has a design company that builds golf courses called Faldo Design. Additionally, he has an organization called Faldo Golf Institute that provides training to golfers of all experience levels.

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The Legacy of Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo

Nick Faldo has played on many golf courses throughout his career, resulting in many accolades. He received the European Tour Golfer of the Year three times in 1989, 1990, and 1992.

Faldo was also PGA Tour Player of the year in 1990. Over the 40 years he played golf, he won 30 European tour championships and nine PGA tour wins. These successes contribute to his high net worth.

Personal Life

Nick Faldo married Melanie Rockall, his first wife, in 1979. They separated after five years. In 1986, he married Gill Bennett. The pair had three children–Natalie, Matthew, and Georgia.

In 2001, Faldo married Valerie Bercher, his third wife. They had one child together, Emma Scarlet Faldo, but filed for divorce in 2006.

Lindsay de Marco is Faldo’s current wife. They have been married since 2020 and live on a ranch. Faldo routinely updates his website to keep fans in the know about his golf course design firm and the Faldo Series, his golf scholarship.

How Sir Nick Faldo Spends His Money

The Nick Faldo net worth largely goes toward real estate. Throughout his career, he has lived in some of the nicest homes. Currently, the former professional golfer lives on a ranch in Montana that he built.