Best Drivers for Seniors

Certainly, you love to hit your shots long and straight irrespective of your age or gender, right? Certainly, I believe it is one of the reasons we work hard enough to play this game; to prove to ourselves that we can hit the best targets out there. And admittedly so, I do not think there is a better feeling than enjoying a better swing on your driver.

But who says only seniors can enjoy the best drivers on the block? I am here to let you know that advanced technology has made it easier for everyone to enjoy the game. Nowadays, no matter your age, you can enjoy the game with the best drivers I will show you. If you need the best golf clubs with outstanding shafts to help you enjoy the game, in a short while, you will get the best drivers to help you hit long and straight like never before.

Golf Driver

Things to Consider Before Picking the Best Drivers

You might be wondering why I did not go straight to list the best drivers straightaway. Well, while trying to pick the best drivers, not all of these products offered the quality they promoted. Hence, it became difficult for me to pick the best products though there were several of these golf clubs on the market.

Going forward, I noticed that there were several products that promised several features. However, upon closer look, these products did not keep to their word to make their drivers the best. I even found several outstanding products on the market that I could use to drive long and straight. Thus, it became a challenge to pick the best of these drivers to present to you. Ultimately, I had to find a way to pick out the best drivers. I ended up with a list of things I considered before selecting the best golf clubs with exceptional technology. Hence, all the products on my list contained these features. I did not include drivers that did not contain these features in my review. I will now look at the factors I considered before picking these drivers.


This factor may seem strange to you if you are not a golfer. I know how confusing it can be because I was once an amateur with near-zero knowledge about golf. However, the first thing you must consider, pro or not, is the overall forgiveness of the driver. I know you may want to know what a driver’s forgiveness is all about. Forgiveness here is the driver’s ability to consolidate your mishits.

When purchasing a driver, it is best to consider one that has a lot of forgiveness. Consequently, the higher the forgiveness, the better your play. I noticed that the drivers with much forgiveness made it easier for my mishits to be playable. Hence, I enjoyed my game better than those with less forgiveness.

One thing I will not advise you to do is get a driver that makes it difficult to hit. Also, I will not advise you to purchase a driver with a small clubhead because you will not enjoy your hits. If you pick drivers with small clubheads, you will not enjoy your game, especially if the tee-offs are constantly in the rough or short. Instead, I would advise you to ensure your driver has tons of forgiveness and a sweet spot to accommodate your off-center hits.

As I earlier noted, there is a direct relationship between your clubhead size and forgiveness. Thus, it is best to pick a driver with 460cc since this is the largest clubhead allowed by the USGA.

Read Customer Reviews

I know how hyped I was to get my first driver. However, one mistake I made then was to consider only the features without reading the customer reviews. This is a serious mistake because you will miss out on what the customers think about the driver. This point is significant because you get to hear from the horse’s mouth how the driver works.

I have come to realize that it is best to consider the features as well as what people think about the driver. You need to consider the reviews because most times, there seems to be a disparity between what the brand says and what the clients experience. I would advise you to pick a new driver if you see tons of negative comments about the one you want to obtain.


One other essential feature you must check is the distance the driver helps you to cover. One thing I can tell you for sure is that the older you get, the less speed you have under your belt. Thus, you will notice that it gets more difficult for your golf ball to roll as far as it did when you were younger. In comes technology to rescue you and me from this hurdle.

I noticed that with the proper driver, I could roll the golf ball as far around as I wanted. As I noticed, you will also notice that the clubs are easier to hit. Thus, I would advise that you get a drive that gives you tons of confidence and advantage. It would be best to pick a driver that allows you to hit long and straight without much difficulty, even if you are no longer as vibrant.

Reputation Matters

I can never stress this point enough when it comes to obtaining the best driver for your perfect golfing experience. One mistake I made, and most people make, is buying a driver just because it is expensive. You must note that some of these expensive drivers do not have all the features they usually claim they do. It is best to purchase your drivers from reputable golf brands with proven track records.

I recommend you purchase from such brands because they have tremendous customer review backing. You will also notice that these brands have more positive reviews than negatives, which makes them desirable. Also, ensure that the brand has drivers with desirable features before purchasing.


Another interesting feature you must not overlook is your driver’s loft. The loft is important because it affects your launch angles. Over time, I noticed that the greater the loft, the better my launch angles and the better the delivery. Nowadays, I ensure to buy drivers with greater lofts so that I can enjoy better launch angles even at lower swing speeds.

Although you will find that standard drivers have lofts between 9 to 10.5 degrees, I have discovered that senior drivers usually enjoy a degree or two of the loft. Once I had the additional loft, I found it easier to improve my launch angles. Hence, I could drive the balls with more accuracy.

One thing I can tell you is that as you grow older, you need to change the loft you used as a youngster. You need to change the loft if you do not want your game to suffer. As you grow older, it would be best to use drivers with lofts at least 11 degrees. If you can find a great driver with a bigger loft, it will be better for you. You don’t need to get confused about the driver to use because the products on my list are the best. With a club wrench, you can adjust your loft and test out the performance until you get one that works for you.


If you are a newbie to the golf course, it is best to find a driver with much adjustability. I can tell you for free that you need a driver with much adjustability such that you do not have to keep changing drivers. Instead, the driver must allow you to adjust lofts or add or remove weights. Additionally, the driver must allow you to easily add grip.

Shaft Flex

Have you heard about shaft flex before? If not, I must tell you that you will not enjoy your game. The shaft flex helps with your swing speed. Although there are many shaft flexes, I have found that most seniors use regular or stiff flexes. This is a big mistake because I believe you need to use a senior flex shaft.

I would recommend the senior flex shaft especially if you have issues with your swing speed. If you have a lower swing speed, the senior flex shaft will aid to get the ball airborne. You need to avoid an extremely stiff shaft flex because it would be challenging for you to square up the face. Additionally, you will suffer several wayward drives.

Compare Prices

I feel some people just purchase drivers without comparing the prices or taking other factors into consideration. One thing you must realize is that an overly expensive driver is not always the best. Hence, it would be best if you compared the prices and other features before purchasing your driver.

It would be a big mistake to just purchase your golf driver because it is expensive. First, check to ensure it has all the features you desire, then read the customer reviews. If you find several positive reviews, compare other drivers to ensure you get a great deal.

Outstanding Drivers for Seniors

Now that I have enlightened you on some of the factors to consider before picking up your driver, I will now proceed to introduce you to some of the best clubs on the market. Ensure to go through the list thoroughly so that you can pick one of the drivers that work for you.

  1. Cobra Golf Driver (2020 Men’s SpeedZone)

Cobra Golf Driver

Cobra Golf is one brand that has produced some of the most outstanding drivers over the years. Interestingly, it is no surprise the brand has been featured on this list because it is one of the household names when it comes to golf clubs.

One thing I specifically enjoy about this brand’s drivers is that they support both hand orientations. So, it does not matter whether you are right- or left-handed, I can assure you that you will always find a Cobra golf driver for you. I will now run you through the various features that make the Cobra 2020 men’s SpeedZone driver one of the best on the market.


The very first thing I noticed about this product is that it has enough variety. Instead of spotting a single configuration, you can actually pick your driver based on several features. I loved the black-white color which was the first thing that attracted me to the driver. Additionally, I absolutely loved the golf club flex which had three flexes – senior, stiff, and regular.

I also loved that I could choose the shaft material for my driver. The brand allowed me to choose between five materials; UST Helium 4F2, Aldila Rogue Silver 60, MCA Tensei AV Blue 65, Project X Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60, and UST Helium 5F3. With so much variety in shaft materials, I only had to pick the one that worked best for me.

This product also spotted two loft configurations; 9.0 and 10.5 degrees. Although not up to 11 degrees, I found the 10.5 degrees configuration helpful in improving my launches. Have I mentioned that the driver has a standard item weight? With only 2.3 pounds, you can easily enjoy your golfing experience. How about the grip type? The driver has a Lamkin crossline connect-black grip type that makes golfing a lot easier.

This brand understands the importance of the driver’s face. Hence, it is no surprise that the face has a Titanium Speed Chasis, a novelle T-Bar speed chassis with a lighter and stronger configuration. This chassis helps with excellent stability and feet and also withstands high-speed collisions.

Another thing I loved about this driver was the speed back shape it had. Interestingly, this brand used an Aero Zone-A streamlined shape to help harness airflow with the best precision. Thus, you can enjoy maximum acceleration power anytime you use the driver.


  • Low CG zone
  • Streamlined shape
  • Highly stiff
  • Titanium speed chassis
  • Relatively affordable
  • Lamkin crossline connect-black grip type
  • Excellent shaft materials
  • Left- and right-hand orientations


  • Some people dislike the design

Wilson’s D9 Men’s Golf Driver

Wilson’s D9 Men’s Golf Driver is another impressive product for seniors looking to enjoy golf. Unlike the previous product I mentioned, this Wilson D9 driver has one shaft material made of graphite. Like the Cobra Golf Driver, you can easily find a driver for you depending on your hand orientation. The brand has made the driver for both right and left-hand orientations. I will now examine the features that make the Wilson D9 Men’s golf driver one of the best on the market.


As I noted earlier, the driver’s shaft material comes from graphite. Additionally, you can choose whether to pick your driver based on the right or left-hand orientation. Although from my experience most people prefer to use the senior flex, you can also opt to use the regular or stiff flexes.

As for the loft, you have three options you can pick from. I would advise you to go for the 13 degrees loft since it helps, especially if you are no longer a youngster. If you prefer lower lofts, you can go for the 10.5 or 9 degrees lofts. Although I would have loved to pick several colors, the gray color used by the brand made the driver a bit more mature.

I can say with confidence that I prefer this driver because it gives maximum speed. Additionally, the driver has a maximum length that promotes a forgiving game. Hence, it is easier for you to tee up your balls without worrying about misses. I think it would also interest you to know that the D9 Men’s Golf driver has a peak kinetic response face. The brand fine-tuned this face to ensure you ensure an explosive speed with an excellent length of hit.

Do you get how some drivers seem to vibrate unnecessarily? Well, not this particular golf driver for seniors. Wilson incorporated three layers of braided graphite between unidirectional and woven fiber to absorb the shock and vibrations. Also, the setup ensures that you enjoy a lower center of gravity.


  • Up to 13 degrees of loft
  • Outstanding forgiveness
  • Explosive speed
  • Optimized weight configuration
  • Relatively cheap
  • Three flexes to consider
  • Right and left-hand orientation
  • Graphite shaft material


  • Only one color is available

Callaway Epic Max Star

This driver has one of the most lightweight designs I have seen so far. The Epic Max Star is one magical driver that “wows” me every time I look at it. Personally, it intrigues me how this particular product is 52 grams lighter than its Epic Max counterpart. As a golfer, you know just how important it is to have your driver as light as possible. One thing I noticed with most lightweight drivers is that they do not have outstanding features. Well, I found that the Epic Max Star was a bit different in this regard. Once we look at the features next, you will understand why this Epic Max Star driver is the ideal choice for senior golfers.


If you worry about the length of your driving as much as I do, then this piece of information will bring you joy. The Epic Max Star driver has a standard length of 46 inches. Although it is longer than most drivers, the lightweight design makes up for the length. Interestingly, the length is not the only thing that caught my attention. One other thing I found helpful was the lofts. You can enjoy two loft options – 10.5 or 12 degrees when using this driver.

It is not surprising to see that Callaway used high-quality UST Mamiya Attas graphite for its shaft. The shaft material is also lightweight and only weighs about 30 grams. Thus, the shaft material and incredibly lightweight design makes it possible for you to enjoy a high launch.

If you think this is impressive, check out the 25-gram Winn grip the brand added to this driver. I can say for certain that this is the most lightweight design for any driver presented by Callaway to this day. The performance? Most users found the Epic Max Star Driver highly useful in enjoying the game. I found that users loved how much launch they got, and the speed they enjoyed. Overall, this brand outdid itself on this driver.

One thing I must put out there is that this driver is very light and may not suit everyone. Hence, you must stay away from this driver if you enjoy moderate or fast swings. If, however, you are aging and need a perfect driver to help you enjoy the game, I would implore you to be my guest. Aging seniors must consider this lightweight design because it has a lot of flex.


  • Lightweight shaft
  • Corrects slices by drawing bias
  • Hit more fairways
  • Highly lightweight design
  • Perfect for seniors
  • 10.5- or 12-degree loft options


  • Lightweight design is a problem for most golfers

TS1 Golf Driver

The Titleist TS1 Golf driver is another top pick you cannot ignore when looking for quality drivers. One thing I love about Titleist is how consistent the brand has been since launching its first driver. Nowadays, it is common to find the brand’s drivers all around the globe because they manufacture the best. I love the TS series because you can find several varieties here. The series consists of TS1 – 4 drivers for seniors and other categories of golfers. If you are a senior, I would advise you to go for the TS1 driver because it makes a whole lot of difference. With the TS1 driver, you will enjoy effortless distance even when you swing at slower speeds.


The first thing I must note here is that the TS1 driver is not one for fast swing speeds. Hence, if you want to enjoy fast swing speeds, you will have to look at another product. For the TS1, you will only enjoy it if you use slower swing speeds.

This TS1 driver has three loft options; 9.5, 10.5, and 12.5 degrees. If you want to enjoy a greater launch, you can always trust the 12.5 degrees option to give you enough thrust. One thing I also loved about this product is the streamlined head shape which helps to add distance. I noticed that you could enjoy a lot of distance without much effort if you used the driver.

If you love to pick your shaft options, Titleist offers them in varieties. This TS1 driver has several shaft options to pick from such as auxiliary and light shafts. I discovered that many golfers found the extremely long distance off the tee helpful in the game. Some golfers noted that they enjoyed 20+ yard gains while using this driver.


  • Suitable for seniors
  • Optimized weight distribution
  • Low CG for high launch angles and low spin
  • Long distance off the tee
  • Many shaft options
  • Different loft options
  • Good for lower swing speeds


  • Not suitable for fast speeds
  • No slider
  • One adjustable weight

XL Lite Draw Driver

Cleveland’s XL Lite Draw Driver is one option you cannot ignore when talking about outstanding drivers. I can tell you that the driver helps you to reduce your slice. Additionally, the driver helps you to even hit a draw while saving money you could have used for a new driver. If you have not noticed, this driver is all about helping you hit a draw without too much stress. Also, if you want to make that slice a lot more playable, I would suggest going with this driver.


This driver has an XL head for more forgiveness. Also, I found that the design is a much lighter one compared to the original design. The brand evolved by removing the adjustable hose, thereby making the driver 12 grams lighter. One other thing I loved about this XL Lite Draw model is the built-in draw bias. I found that this design allows its users to hit a straighter ball flight without rotating their hands. Funnily enough, you do not even have to make extra swing changes to hit those straighter ball flights.

Talking about the design, the driver has a project X Cypher 40 shaft material. The shaft makes it easier for you to enjoy a high spin and launch for a tremendous tee. The accuracy build feature makes the driver an inch shorter such that you can enjoy more tee ball control. Overall, I found that this driver provided enough bias and draw for an enjoyable game.

If you do not generate enough swing speed or you are a senior, it is best to opt for this driver. Also, I need to let you know that the built-in bias helps you find more fairway. With that, you can enjoy an easier approach to shots to the green without stress.


  • Accuracy build
  • Lightweight head
  • Project X Cypher 40 shaft material
  • XL head design for more forgiveness and accuracy
  • Relatively affordable


  • Only available for right-hand orientations


I know you may have a few questions after reading this review. I will provide some FAQs and their answers to help answer some of your pressing questions.

  • Which driver should a senior use?

There are many loft drivers you can use to enjoy your game. However, I highly recommend using a driver that has at least 10.5 degrees of loft for a higher launch. You can make do with the drivers in this review if you want to enjoy a greater launch angle and speed.

  • What is the ideal loft angle for seniors?

You can use a 10 or 10.5 driver loft if you still have enough swing speed. If not, it would be best to obtain a driver with 11 – 13 degrees of loft if you want to enjoy your game.


In this article, I have provided you with the best drivers for seniors. Also, I provided some factors to consider before choosing your driver. If you want to enjoy golfing, it is best to stick to the factors I have listed in this article. I have also included some FAQs to help answer some of the questions you may have. I hope you found this article useful in picking your driver.