Understanding the FedEx Cup Points System: A Comprehensive Guide

Professional golf is not only about exceptional skills and thrilling tournaments but also involves a comprehensive ranking system that determines a player’s standing and qualification for prestigious events. One such system that holds significant importance in the PGA Tour is the FedEx Cup points system. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the FedEx Cup points, their purpose, calculation process, and their impact on player rankings and playoff qualification.

FedEx Cup Points System

What are FedEx Cup Points?

FedEx Cup points are a means of measuring a player’s performance throughout the PGA Tour season. These points serve as a ranking system that rewards consistent success and exceptional performances in tournaments. By accumulating FedEx Cup points, players aim to secure a high position in the standings and qualify for the season-ending playoffs.

How Does the FedEx Cup Points System Work?

The FedEx Cup points system operates on a distribution model that assigns points to players based on their finishes in tournaments. The points earned are directly proportional to the prize money won, ensuring that higher finishes yield more significant point gains. The system also differentiates between regular season events, playoff events, and the ultimate Tour Championship, with varying point values assigned to each category.

Understanding the Point Calculation Formula

The calculation of FedEx Cup points involves a formula that takes into account various factors to determine the points earned by players in a particular tournament. These factors include the tournament’s strength of field, the importance of the event, and the finishing position of the player. The formula ensures that players are rewarded not only for winning but also for consistent top finishes throughout the season.

FedExCup Points Distribution

When players enter PGA Tour events, they earn 500 FedExCup points if they place first.

These events listed below earn 600 points for first place finishes:

The events listed below earn 550 points for first place finishes:

The Zurich Classic awards 400 points to each player who competes on a team finishing first place.

There are additional events where players can earn 300 points in the FedExCup rankings:

  • Barbasol Championship
  • Barracuda Championship
  • Genesis Scottish Open

Points for the FedExCup are awarded based on the golfers finishing position in each event.  Some tournaments have unique rules where the competition will not redistribute points for places that don’t play.  A recent example of this is the Sentry Tournament, where there is a field of 30 players and points are awarded from 1-30.  The points that would have normally been given for places 31-65 will not be awarded from this event.


Starting points for fedex cup
Source:  PGA TOUR

Impact of FedEx Cup Points on Player Rankings

FedEx Cup points play a crucial role in determining a player’s ranking and playoff qualification. The FedEx Cup standings are regularly updated and serve as a benchmark to gauge a player’s performance compared to their peers. Higher FedEx Cup points not only secure a better ranking but also provide advantages such as higher playoff seeding, exemptions into prestigious events, and increased visibility and opportunities.

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Strategies for Maximizing FedEx Cup Points

To maximize FedEx Cup points, players employ various strategies aimed at consistent performance and success in tournaments. Competing in higher-tiered events carries more weightage in terms of point distribution, making it essential for players to strategically choose their schedules.  Additionally, excelling in playoff events and focusing on accumulating points throughout the season are key strategies employed by professionals.

Notable Moments and Controversies in FedEx Cup Points History

Over the years, the FedEx Cup points system has witnessed remarkable moments and controversies that have influenced player outcomes and playoff scenarios. These instances have further emphasized the significance of understanding the intricacies of the system and its impact on the game. The PGA Tour has made adjustments to the points system, considering feedback and evolving needs to ensure fairness and competitiveness.


The FedEx Cup points system is a vital component of professional golf, shaping the rankings and playoff landscape for players. Understanding this system is essential for both players and fans, as it provides insights into a player’s journey and the exciting race to the Tour Championship. By following the FedEx Cup standings, fans can better appreciate the remarkable performances and the intense competition that unfolds throughout the season.


Q : What happens if there is a tie in FedEx Cup points?

A : In the event of a tie in FedEx Cup points, players are ranked based on specific tiebreaker criteria, such as the number of tournament wins or the highest finishes in playoff events.

Q : Can players earn FedEx Cup points in all tournaments they participate in?

A : No, players can only earn FedEx Cup points in tournaments designated as official events by the PGA Tour. Non-official events, such as exhibition matches or international competitions, do not contribute to FedEx Cup points.

Q : How often are FedEx Cup points updated?

A : FedEx Cup points are updated after each tournament, reflecting the performances and standings of players in real-time. Fans can stay updated on the latest standings through the PGA Tour’s official website or other reliable sources.