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Phil Mickelson Bio

There are some other questions you may have, which many people online have posed already, and as a super fan of Lefty, I’ve gone out and found the correct answers to all of them.

Was Phil Mickelson Involved in Insider Trading?

Of course, this website wouldn’t be complete without a mention of other items that he has been in the news for. In 2014, Mickelson made headlines due to an investigation from the FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission stemming from stock profits gained from insider trading. We cover that on this page:  Phil Mickelson Insider Trading case.

Mickelson denied any wrongdoing in the case, and a court ultimately upheld that position, but not before he had to pay back over $1,000,000 in gains and interest from trades of the Dean Foods stock.

How Much Money Does Phil Mickelson Make?

Well, that varies since golf is largely a game of purses plus endorsements, but let’s just say he does pretty well.  A page I try to keep up to date is the page on his finances.  Check it out, and be amazed at how big of an earner this golf legend really is.

Does Phil Mickelson Have a Daughter or Children?

He has three kids, Amanda, Sophia, and Evan, all with his wife, Amy.

What Does KPMG on Phil Mickelson’s Hat Stand For?

This is the name of his sponsor, KPMB, which is short for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler.  The network, based in the Netherlands, has firms in 154 countries and they are a very reputable company offering services in advisory, tax, and financial audit.

What is Phil Mickelson’s Diet?

While I don’t have his exact diet down to a science, he is a fan of fasting.  In 2019 he took a serious approach at getting fit, and did a heck of a job at it, and he even got a lot of compliments for his sexy calves.

How Many Career Wins Does Lefty Have?

This number keeps growing!  He’s won 44 PGA Tour events and five Major Championships.

Has Phil Mickelson Designed Any Golf Courses?

Phil has designed courses through Mickelson Golf Properties. He does this alongside his business partner Steve Loy, who also coached the Arizona State University Men’s Golf Team. The courses that these two have built are gorgeous with some being private and others open to the public. Some of the courses are open to discounted play to all Players Pass Membership holders as well. To name a few of the golf courses, they’ve designed the following: The Golf Club at Chaparral, The Rim Golf Club, The Stone Canyon Club, McDowell Mountain Golf Club, Ocotillo Golf Club, Palm Valley Golf Club and there are more currently in development.