2024 PGA Championship

I don’t know about you, but I eagerly await May 2024 to watch the PGA Championship. For those who don’t know, this tournament started in 1986, when some of us weren’t even born.

In May 2024, we’ll get to witness Valhalla Golf Club host its fourth PGA Championship. All we need to do is pray that there is no delay in this event so they won’t have to choose a winner without a proper contest.

2024 PGA Championship

With the PGA Championship arriving on May 13–19 next year, here are four things everyone should know about this spectacle:

1. Seventh Event At Valhalla

From what I think, the future of PGA events doesn’t look that bright, with PGA selling their land to local investors. However, that is just my speculation; if this 2024 championship goes well, they might consider continuing it.

This is one reason why I will watch it and why fans of golf should watch it.

Who knows when we’ll get to enjoy this spectacular event again? The good news is that the 2023 PGA Championship in Rochester gained massive success, giving us hope that next year’s event will be a success too.

2. A Huge Economic Impact

Here is the thing: the Rochester event boosted up to $190 million and opened up more than 1,200 job opportunities. This proves that such events are great for the economy.

Experts believe the 2024 PGA Championship might bring $200 million to the economy, but I expect it to be more.

2024 PGA Championship

3. The Changes

Yes, we’ll get to experience major changes during this 2024 event. They are making some changes to the competition rules, but you’ll also get to see new areas.

  • There is a renovated clubhouse that we’ll get to see, along with a new agronomy center. What’s best is the waterfall that appears on every 13th hole. If that is not enough, we’ll see new tee boxes on 14, 16, and 18th holes.
  • The entire course has new grass based on the season, allowing easy maintenance, which indicates that we might see more PGA championships in the future.

4. How To Get Tickets

Now, the big question is how you and I can get tickets.

  • The good thing is that anyone can get tickets from the PGA Ticket Registry – no subscription or obligation fee is required.
  • Even better is that we’ll get to enjoy free food and non-alcoholic beverages with each ticket, something that wasn’t present in past events.
  • Plus, any adult can bring two children – under 15 – without any additional cost.

Final Words

PGA 2024 registration is open until June 18; you can visit their official website to register and grab a ticket. Registration is free, but that doesn’t guarantee a ticket. That will allow us to communicate how to get a ticket, so once anyone is registered, be ready to stay updated.