Golf in 2018  – The Age of the Gadget

We’re golfers, we have one thing in mind in regards to our golf game; to shoot lower scores!  Nowadays, accomplishing that goal is more achievable than ever.  Technology has come full circle in the game of golf, and some advancements are actually helping golfer shoot lower scores.  Let’s discuss how that is.

How Golf Has Evolved

Years ago, the only way a golfer could get better was to hire a coach to analyze their swing, then put it into action on the range and ultimately the course.  Times have changed, and there are many different gadgets and online tools that can help us get some great feedback on our swing in real time.

Hot Golf Tools & Gadgets

Something a lot of golfers are utilizing are online swing analysis websites.  It’s pretty easy and pretty cool.  You simply upload a video of your swing from multiple angles and a swing coach will help dissect your swing, helping you determine areas of your swing you can get better.  This is a HUGE advantage for the average golfer, and is something you should do if you want to get some great feedback from a pro.

Other great tools golfers are using are hand held GPS units and GPS golf watches.  There are a ton of great options.  Some prefer the hand held unit while others prefer the watch.  It is merely a matter of preference, but both can be very beneficial to your game.  Knowing exactly how far you hit each club in the bag will help you in more ways than you realize.  Obviously the more money you spend the better the device will be, but there are some great options for under $100 if you look around.

There is also a great selection of training aids at your disposal that were not available to golfers years ago.  Some of these inventions actually do work, and help correct certain flaws in your swing.

Closing Thoughts

2018 is the year of the gadgets.  If you are serious about your game and want to get better, there are a number of different gadgets, tools, and training aids you can plug in to your game and start seeing better results.

As we all know, golfers are an emotional bunch.  If you take the game serious, you know darn well that there isn’t much that makes you feel as good as shooting a great score, so take a look around and see how the technology in the game can be used to help you knock a few strokes off your scores!

Just to get your golf juices flowing, we will leave you with a little video clip showing some of the best golf courses in the world: